Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Monday, January 9, 2017

Janine + Sohel | Denmark and Germany Engagement Photos

I got to spend Christmas with my in-laws this year. My husband's family lives outside of Frankfurt, Germany and is half-German, half-Danish, so naturally we spent our time between the two countries.

On Christmas Eve, my sister-in-law Janine got engaged! The whole family was staying in a vacation home in Denmark when Sohel popped the question.  I had the honor of witnessing Sohel's proposal (by witnessing I mean hiding behind a kitchen island and snapping photos while Sohel proposed in front of the Christmas tree).

He'd hung the ring on the tree like an ornament, disguised as one of the many heart-shaped-cookie ornaments that decorated the tree. Needless to say, Janine was pretty thrilled when she found it.

A few minutes later, I hopped in a car with the newly-engaged couple and we raced over to the little beach near the vacation home to catch the last rays of light and take some photos. 

And, naturally, we had to take some photos once we were back in Germany as well. My family lives in a small village outside of Frankfurt, and frost-filled fields stretched out for miles all around their house. It was FREEZING, but we managed to get some good ones. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Lady of Goðafoss | Iceland Wedding Photographer

What do you get when you combine a stunning woman, a burgundy lace dress, and Iceland's Goðafoss waterfall?

This. You get this.