Monday, April 29, 2013

Romantic Engagement Photos in Moorpark, CA | Mike & Megan

Navy Man and his fiance in Moorpark, CA
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Meet Mike and Megan. I knew Megan in 8th grade. Mike and I were pretty close friends in 10th and 11th grade. I was totally surprised and happy to see that these two people I knew from separate times in my life had found each other.

Mike is in the Navy and just returned this past week from an eight month deployment in the arabian peninsula. It's so wonderful to see this couple so in love and happy to be reunited.

Megan and Mike wanted engagement photos that were classic and romantic, showcasing their love for eachother. How'd I do?

They'll be married this coming August. Guess who's shooting their wedding? :)


  1. Hey Daryl, I´m sooo impressed by your photos! They look so professionel! I just love them!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The lighting is so perfect! What a gorgeous couple!!! LOVE the nail shot.

  3. Wow, I definitely love these photos. Have a soft spot for fellow Sailors! -Jessica L


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