Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fun, Casual Neighborhood Wedding in Salt Lake City, Utah

Sarah and Jeff's wedding day was fun, lively and casual. They wanted it to be about family and friends instead of a lavish party - hosting the laid-back event in their neighborhood park, they encouraged guests to bring their dogs, wear whatever they wanted, and bring their own chairs or picnic blankets to watch the ceremony from. Instead of dropping big dollars on a fancy catering service, Sarah and Jeff picked Sugarhouse BBQ, a favorite of theirs, for guests to enjoy delicious, unpretentious food and enjoy eachother's company.

The day was so personal and touching. Instead of her bouquet, Sarah walked down the aisle with their baby daughter in her arms. During the ceremony, Sarah began to tear up (so did I - it was so sweet!) and Jeff broke the traditional pose to pull her into his arms in a comforting embrace.

Sarah and Jeff opted to have their bridals/groomals taken right there in the neighborhood they both love so much, which meant more to them than any random shoot location would. I fell madly in love with this couple and was honored to be a part of their wedding day!

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  1. jeffrey is so police when he puts his left hand on his right forearm to cut the cake! some customs, he'll never shake!!! selam nachew!


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