Friday, February 21, 2014

A Multi-Cultural Oquirrh Mountain Utah Wedding

Brittany and I met over the summer.  She started as a new assistant in the office that I was working in, and to say we hit it off immediately was an understatement. Our personalities seemed to be 100% completely cohesive and we became instant friends.  She and I have matching quirky personalities, we share the same love of indian and asian food, and we even have the same taste in grocery stores.  That's why, when she asked me to photograph her wedding, I was completely giddy and over the moon! 

When Brittany and I first met, she and Cesar had just begun dating. It was amazing to watch her relationship with him grow as they grew closer, got engaged, and began planning they're wedding together. Now they're husband and wife and live just a few blocks from me! Hooray! 

Not surprisingly, it was very cold and snowy the day of their December wedding. Festivities began at the Oquirrh Mountain temple, and though I was worried that the weather could cause problems, I think we made it work! How romantic is a beautiful couple in the snow? 

After shooting outside for a while, everyone was thoroughly freezing. We drove a few minutes south to Cafe Bella Rue, an adorable little gelato shop in South Jordan. No gelato was had, only hot chocolate and some shared giggles as we thawed out! I was sad to hear that just a few weeks later, this beautiful little cafe closed down! I'm grateful we had the chance to experience it while we could!

At one of the most vibrant and fun receptions I've ever attended, Cesar and Brittany honored Cesar's Mexican heritage with a night full of traditions and dancing. Oh my goodness, the dancing! I have never seen that many people on a dance floor at one time, ever.  One of my favorite moments of the night was when Cesar surprised Brittany with a Mariachi band! Cesar even dressed up in some traditional garb, and the look on Brittany's face when they all came out was completely priceless. Cesar serenaded Brittany with some spanish love songs - a perfect way to start the evening as their guests waited for their food!

 Did I mention this couple loved to party? Even I couldn't resist the music and busted out a few moves. 

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