Sunday, February 23, 2014

Winter Sunset Engagement Shoot | Park City, Utah Wedding Photographer

On a perfectly blustery Saturday, I met up with Katja and Cam to take some snowy, love-filled engagement photos in Park City. They are such a fun couple! I originally met Katja way back when I was living in Frankfurt, Germany through mutual friends. She immediately struck me as someone genuine, vibrant and kind. We got along immediately, though she moved to live with her family in Ukraine shortly afterward.

Apparently it was a good thing she did, because that's where she met Cam, and now look what happened:

They are so cute! Cam's family also travels around frequently and is actually currently living in Switzerland! So, quite the multicultural group we have here.   Since Katja's native language is German and Cam's is English, Russian is actually their common language. 

Katja and Cam only met briefly in Ukraine before parting ways, but just a few years down the road they connected at BYU Provo, where they're both going to school.  

And it turns out that, even though Katja and I originally met in Germany, I'm in Utah now too. I was thrilled when Katja contacted me about photographing her engagements and her wedding this summer.

It was a VERY cold day, and the three of us were definitely shivering our way through the shoot. Fingers and toes were frozen, and we tried to keep warm in between shots with some cardio. It was so worth the cold, and we had so much fun! It's really obvious how totally in love this couple is. 

As it got darker, we watched the sky go from orange, to pink to vibrant purple! It was honestly unreal and we were so lucky to have caught such a gorgeous moment in nature. 

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  1. Absolutely awesome engagement photos - but how could they not be with such a beautiful couple and setting. These are truly amazing. I knew Katja in Ukraine. She is as beautiful on the inside as out. You have captured some remarkable shots. I loved this photo session.

  2. WOW!!!!!!! First of all these photos are sensational, but second of all this couple could not be more gorgeous. LOVE these pics!

  3. Cutest couple ever. I love these photos. You are an amazing photographer!!!

  4. Daryl! These photos are absolutely AMAZING!! Seriously, I'm obsessed.

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